Delivering the Perfect Mobile Experience

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Delivering the Perfect Mobile Experience

For enterprises, not only is moving to mobile vital in gaining a competitive advantage in today’s business world but enabling a mobile-first experience is also standard. If you’ve approached mobile app development as an individual, one-time project, it may increase costs and slower development. With the increasing number of app requests, companies must adopt a more efficient approach to mobile app development. 

In our recent webinar, we explored the biggest obstacles to delivering an exceptional mobile experience and how teams can gain a significant advantage in meeting its app development needs. 

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Prioritizing an Offline-Experience

By adopting an offline-first approach, businesses can ensure their apps function even in areas with limited connectivity, leading to a more satisfying user experience. Users expect to access an application wherever they are, including places with intermittent connectivity like the subway or a park. If an app requires connectivity to function, a bad connection can quickly translate to a poor user experience. An offline-first approach enables an app to run offline until an internet connection is reestablished. From a development perspective, this requires implementing access to local storage.

Cross-Platform Development 

Leveraging cross-platform development technologies can simplify the development process, as they eliminate the need for device-specific code in most cases. Luckily, cross-platform development technologies have matured dramatically in recent years and are now viable for most applications. While there are some situations in which an application must get very close to specific hardware, writing device-specific code is unnecessary for the vast majority of apps.

Achieving Mobile Excellence

To achieve mobile excellence, businesses should focus on both functional and non-functional tests, prioritize user acceptance, and consider the impact of mobile experience on overall customer experience and ROI. By implementing these strategies, businesses can not only improve app usage and customer satisfaction but also enjoy increased ROI and long-term success. You should also focus on:

  • The right tools and team skills 
  • Increased collaboration 
  • Integrated Dev / testing efforts
  • Mobile first testing strategy for your app 

As a result, you’ll see increased productivity and faster testing and release cycles. 

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Achieving mobile excellence is crucial for businesses to succeed in the mobile-first world.
  • Prioritizing offline-first experiences and leveraging cross-platform technologies are essential.
  • A strong mobile experience leads to increased ROI, app usage, and happier customers.

    If you’d like to watch the webinar, you can do so here.

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