Delivering a Perfect Mobile Experience that Delights!

Delivering a Perfect Mobile Experience that Delights!

Continuous Integration and Testing on Mobile can be challenging. From testing on real devices, flaky test scripts, and complex DevOps integration - there’s a lot to do. Bitrise and Kobiton have partnered to reduce "DevOps Road Rage" with seamless integration between the Kobiton Platform and Bitrise’s industry-leading CI/CD platform.

Kobiton & Bitrise

Bitrise is a mobile DevOps platform packed with mobile-first features that help you build, test, and deploy faster and more efficiently. The result? Save time, money, and developer frustration with fast, flexible, and scalable mobile CI/CD that just works.

In order to tackle the industry-wide challenges associated with mobile continuous testing - specifically, the difficulty in leveraging real-device tests within a CI/CD pipeline and the flakiness of automated test scripts - Kobiton and Bitrise partnered to make this easier than ever.

  1. Accelerate Time to Market
    Bitrise is a CI/CD platform for mobile application development. By adopting a mobile Continuous Integration model, your team can catch bugs and inconsistencies before they reach production and fix them immediately. The result? Ship apps faster!
  2. Release Apps with Confidence
    App confidence comes from rapid release cycles without sacrificing test coverage. By continuously merging and testing changes before release, you’ll minimize potential negative end-user experiences and create an environment where you confidently submit to the app store.
  3. Easy Build your CI/CD
    Bitrise takes the complexity out of building CI/CD pipelines. The Workflow Editor is a convenient and powerful tool, designed to ensure the smoothest possible Continuous Integration processes for developers everywhere. You can configure every aspect of your Bitrise build here: all the tools, services, and integrations you want to use.

Using Kobiton in Bitrise

Inside the Step Library within the Bitrise platform, you’ll find two convenient new steps to quickly integrate Kobiton. They are:

  • Kobiton App Upload: this Step uploads your .apk or .ipa file to Kobiton’s App Repository: this way you can start testing the latest version of your app.
  • Kobiton Execute Test: this Step kicks off the execution of the automated test script on Kobiton — this testing process happens synchronously when you are building your app.

By combining Bitrise and Kobiton, you can run tests the way you like. By using the Upload Step alone, you can run your test asynchronously at a preferred time. If you decide to run your tests during build time, just add the Execute Test Step to your Workflow alongside the first Step.

We hope you enjoy combining the power of the Kobiton mobile testing platform with the speed and flexibility of the Bitrise CI/CD platform. If you have suggestions for additional steps that you’d like to see added, drop us a note here.

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