Release Appium 1.8.0 soon

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Appium 1.8.0 introduces full support for the W3C WebDriver specification (digested version of the spec) and Kobiton will support soon.


  • Minimum NodeJS version moved to 6
  • Add methods for
    • getting and setting the clipboard contents
    • get full screen screenshots
    • Application management
  • More efficient app downloading by caching URLs
  • All moveTo operations in touch actions now take coordinates as absolute
  • Support for registering selenium grid through HTTPS by setting the configuration key “hubProtocol” to “https”
  • Add otherApps desired capability, to specify array of ancillary apps to install on session creation


  • Support for iOS 11.3/Xcode 9.3
  • Fix handling of process arguments
  • Add capabilities
    • shutdownOtherSimulators – shutdown other running simulators at session start up
  • Add ability to record screen
  • Add support for complex gestures
  • Fix handling of custom SSL certificate on simulators
  • Better handling of xcodebuild processes
  • Maintain keychains while upgrading apps
  • Better handle simulators in unexpected states
  • Add performance measuring (see documentation)


  • Support for Android P (API Level 28)
  • Fix handling of webview contexts when resetting apps
  • Fix handling of screen recording
  • Make sure intent is broadcast when file is uploaded
  • Add possibility to broadcast device logs through WebSocket
  • Chromedriver
    • Bundle version 2.37
    • Automatically choose compatible Chromedriver for Chrome version
      • chromedriverExecutableDir capability to specify where Chromedrivers are located
      • chromedriverChromeMappingFile capability to specify what Chromedriver version corresponds to what Chrome version
  • Fix Handling of idle state waiting
  • Speed up screenshot logic in UiAutomator2
  • Allow disabling of notification watching through settings
  • Fix parsing and granting of permissions for app under test
  • Support deep linking and Android Instant Apps

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