Appium 1.13.0

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Appium 1.13.0 is a minor release.


  • Appium 1.13 will be the last minor version to use UiAutomator1 as the default Android automation. As of Appium 1.14, the default Android driver will be UiAutomator2. If you don’t set the automationName for an Android session a big warning will be displayed notifying you of the change. This will be a breaking change, and it’s recommended if you wish to keep the same behavior, add the capability automationName=UiAutomator1 to your scripts
  • Appium 1.13 will be the last minor version to support Node v8. As of Appium 1.14 the supported Node versions will be v10 and v12.
  • Added capability defaultImageTemplateScale to allow arranging of image comparison logic #307
  • Fixes:
    • Treat W3C /property and /attribute as aliases in a web context #311


  • Support webview testing for real devices running iOS 12.2+ (1.12.1 already added support for iOS Simulators) #122. Make sure your ios-webkit-debug-proxy is up-to-date for real devices.
  • Supports tvOS #151.
    • See the documentation for details.
    • Be sure to update Carthage to the latest to handle TVOs dependencies
  • Fixes:
    • Improve performance of video recording by using superior startup detection tools #12486
    • Not able to change video recording parameters in IOS #12463
  • Change behavior of capability showXcodeLog so that when it is explicitly set to false, don’t print any Xcode logs, even error logs #12466


  • New capabilities:
    • remoteAppsCacheLimit: sets the limit for how many APKs will be cached on a device #523
    • chromedriverPorts: allows specifying multiple ports or a range of Chromedriver ports to use for web tests #529
    • buildToolsVersion: allows you to set the Android build-tools version to be something different than the default, which is to use the most recent version #532
  • Fixes:
    • Emulators have a bug where they sometimes go offline when root/unroot is called. It only affects unrooted emulators. The workaround is to check if a device went offline after root/unroot was called and then restarting the ADB server if it did #443
    • Calls to mobile: endpoints weren’t being called in web context. Default now is that, in a web context, the native mobile endpoint is always called #527
    • network_connection the endpoint was also not usable from web context #531
    • pushFile was not working on some later Android SDK’s due to permission errors #439
    • Default values in caps not being set correctly #436
  • No longer uninstalls apps when session is terminated if dontStopAppOnReset is set #530
  • Allow touch actions in a web context. Only works for absolute coordinates. JSONWP only, not related to W3C Actions implementation #534
  • Update Chromedriver to 73.0.0 #318

Android (UiAutomator2)

  • Use UiAutomator’s screenshot method when the default screenshot fails #264
  • Add detailed network information to the device information endpoint (appium/device/info) #265. Addresses Issue #12502

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