Appium 1.11.0

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Appium 1.11.0 is a minor release.



  • Add chromedriverDisableBuildCheck capability which sets the –disable-build-check flag on Chromedriver #474
  • Add skipDeviceInitialization capability which speeds up session startup for cases where Appium doesn’t need to wait for the device, push a settings app, or set permissions #480
  • Fall back to pressing BACK button if ESC fails to close soft keyboard #471
  • Improve XML source building performance by using Jaxen/JDOM2 library on Espresso and UiAutomator2 #237
  • Add setting normalizeTagNames which is set to true by default, which normalizes source tag names to workaround parsing problems
  • Fix: Include API level 23 for granting of permissions to apps. 23 was being incorrectly excluded previously #473
  • Fix: Only call helpers.ensureDeviceLocale if language or locale was set, to avoid spending startup time on locale unnecessarily #477
  • Fix: Don’t regard apps as ‘temporary’ if the app is a relative path #479
  • Fix session init. Uninstalls Espresso server if server is older or newer than currently installed Espresso server #358
  • Fix setting WiFi connection status #30

Android (UiAutomator2)

  • Add skipServerInstallation capability that skips the step of installing the UIAutomator2 server #266
  • Fix duplicate chrome startup #266
  • Only perform uiautomation process cleanup if instrumentation crashes #280

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