Appium 1.10.0

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Appium 1.10.0 is a minor release.


  • Bring Espresso Driver out of beta and into general availability
  • Support Xcode 10, discontinue support for Xcode 8
  • Bump up minimum Node version to 8 and minimum NPM version to 6
  • Improve string extractions for Android and iOS
  • Fix synchronization of applications caching #274
  • Disable CORS on createServer by default. Add –allow-cors flag to server flags #11719


  • Add mobile: methods:
    • Add biometrics (touchId, faceId) methods that can enroll/unenroll biometric features and send matching/non-matching biometric inputs (iOS Simulator only) #816
    • Add method to clear keychains for an iOS Simulator #816
  • Add permissions capability that sets service permissions (calendar, siri, etc…) prior to creating a session #818
  • Add possibility to upload files into different container types on Simulator #770
  • Add reduceMotion capability #760
  • Improve video recording
  • Improved iOS simulator booting procedure
  • Add mobile endpoint for running Siri commands #837


  • Add mobile: command for performing editor actions #428
  • Can record videos up to 30 minutes (requires FFMPEG to be installed) #399
  • Add localeScript capability to set script in locale(
  • Allow locale and language for real devices under API level 23 #379
  • Improved video recording
  • Fix bug calling getRect in MJSONWP sessions #240
  • Fix pin entry error on Samsung devices that wasn’t correctly locating the “Enter” button #458
  • Relax hidden API policy for Android P and above
  • Support running tests using Android App Bundle #11601

Android (UiAutomator2)

  • Add mobile: command for retrieving device information #221
  • Support .apks bundles #233
  • Fix bug with timeouts calls for W3C sessions #239
  • Refactored XML source generation and xpath search in order to fix known bugs and to improve the general performance of these operations #208
  • Refactored and fixed issues with W3C Actions #205

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