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Eliminate the wait with dedicated devices, ensuring your testing is fast, consistent, and uninterrupted, unlike the shared device limitations of BrowserStack.

Dedicated Device Access

Get a peace of mind knowing Kobiton prioritizes ethical development and legal compliance for accessibility features.

Accessibility Innovation

Kobiton offers unmatched security and deployment flexibility with private cloud, hybrid, and on-premises options, protecting your data far beyond BrowserStack's public cloud limitations.

Robust Security &
Deployment Choices

Do more with less and accelerate your automation coverage with features like scriptless automation from manual tests and AI-powered Appium script generation.

Cutting-Edge Automation

Addressing common BrowserStack issues, Kobiton offers a stable and high-performing platform to ensure seamless and fast testing without disruptions or lags.

Testing Performance

See how Kobiton stacks up against BrowserStack

Significantly reduce the latency issues prevalent in Perfecto’s cloud devices with Kobiton’s instant launch and responsive real-device testing at 30 fps.

Low Latency & High Performance

Get transparent, budget-friendly pricing without compromising on testing speed.

Cost-Effective & Faster Testing

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Where speed, security, and scalability come together with mobile-first innovation.

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What Are Others Saying?

Faster app releases; more detailed defect data; speed of testing; much less expensive than AWS and Perfecto

You can download the software and set up your own device lab. We just downloaded to the Devs and Testers laptops so they could test using their own devices or . We could then shoot the test results directly into Jira or just email screenshots and videos to clients to verify a defect or successful test.

Frank W. / Financial Services

Great tool for testing software on various devices

This tool has been vital to our Support team as we're constantly needing to test and troubleshoot issues reported by clients. Kobiton has given us a way to really test apples to apples based on the device and version a client is using.

Mim H. / Computer Software

Kobiton is simply awesome!

I like the fact that there are various different devices to choose from. When we get reports of issues happening that we are unable to reproduce, I can come to Kobiton to test on a similar device. It also makes gathering screenshots for different screen sizes quick and easy since many app stores require screenshots for various screen sizes. What's better than having real devices (in the cloud) to test on. Especially when we are a growing company and do not have an unlimited amount of resources to spend on test devices.

Robert B. / Health, Wellness and Fitness

Very easy to get started with mobile app testing on real-devices and very affordable

Comparing the platforms, I found Kobiton to be the easiest to get started. It's one of the few where you can just sign up for a trial and get started right away. It was also convenient for us as it allowed us to mix devices we already had along with their "cloud" devices.

Chris S. / Automotive

Kobiton is fast, easy to use, and the company's support is exceptional

As a company that is focused on mobile, we're using our private devices and the public devices for our QA team and especially the overseas team that need access to devices with US sim cards.

Or M. / Health, Wellness and Fitness

Excellent product for testing and outstanding support

I love the way I can search for a Phone or OS version and deploy our software for testing in minutes! I also like the way it automatically records my actions and creates a session, which I can forward onto our developers who can see what I did and have access to the logs and video!

Chris E. / Hospitality

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