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Organizations that have their entire business model premised around the mobile app have the most stringent quality requirements of all.


As a mobile-critical organization, you already know the importance of the mobile app to your business. Ensuring a highly performant app free of bugs across ALL devices is key to continued customer acquisition and retention. However, doing all of this at-scale in an effective and cost-efficient manner is challenging.


The mobile experience is everything

For the mobile elite, the mobile experience isn’t just important. It’s everything. Nothing says customer churn like a bad experience, and with increasing competition, retention is paramount. Ensure your app works as designed and as intended across all devices.

A truly global customer base

Mobile-critical companies are rarely playing in a geographically isolated field. Instead, they operate at massive scale globally with a need to support literally thousands of different device types.

Mobile Innovation

With the pressure that the mobile-elite face to push the envelope of mobile innovation, it becomes increasingly important for these companies to be able to release new app updates faster, more frequently, and with better test coverage.

Poor app store ratings

A negative app store review can have a lasting impact. With 1 in 4 apps being abandoned after first use, the likelihood of receiving negative reviews increases. ultimately hurting app adoption and app store discoverability.

How Kobiton helps the mobile elite deliver a perfect mobile experience

The Kobiton Mobile Experience Platform is being used by the leading mobile-critical companies to deliver perfect mobile experiences to their customers, at-scale. Able to scale to meet the most demanding of organizations, Kobiton helps the world’s largest mobile critical organizations to seamlessly test across thousands of devices with hundreds of test engineers distributed globally.



Customer Spotlight

This global ride-sharing company's mission is “to bring transportation — for everyone, everywhere” and the mobile channel is clearly core to accomplishing their mission. In order to scale out their mobile testing to support a massively geographically dispersed customer base, they turned to Kobiton to assist them in delivering a perfect mobile experience. Manual testers get the benefit of remote access with centralized logging and administration, while automation testing at-scale allows them to shave hundreds of hours on each test case execution.

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