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Keep patients and customers informed about their health, while protecting sensitive data with an engaging and secure mobile experience.


Providing quality patient care and customer satisfaction is important across all touchpoints, whether in-person, online or when using a mobile app. Building a secure, easy-to-access mobile experience for patients, healthcare professionals and customers is becoming more important in keeping people informed about their health while protecting sensitive data. Delivering a perfect mobile experience not only keeps people connected, informed and proactive about their health and insurance coverage, but it could even save a life. 

Provide Quality Patient and Customer Care

Healthcare and health insurance organizations work daily with sensitive, personal information that affects the daily lives and futures of their patients and customers. Providing a positive mobile experience with easy access to medical information and insurance claims can help make stressful situations easier to manage.

Regulations and Compliance

Healthcare and health insurance organizations operate in a highly regulated environment with strict compliance guidelines. Ensuring your mobile app works both as designed and intended across ALL devices is imperative to ensuring continued compliance.

Lower call volume and complexity of Customer Support

Healthcare and health insurance organizations are often fielding customer support calls relating to billing, claims, policy information and other medical inquiries. By providing high-quality self-serve mobile experiences, patients and customers can easily get the information they need from the mobile app, freeing up customer support agents to handle more complex requests.

Improve the Customer Experience

Healthcare and health insurance organizations are in an era of differentiating themselves based on the Customer Experience. However, no amount of investment in CX will overcome a poor mobile experience (MX). It truly is the age where the MX > CX.

How Kobiton helps Health Care and Health Insurance companies deliver a perfect mobile experience

The Kobiton Mobile Experience Platform is designed to help healthcare and health insurance organizations deliver quality mobile experiences to provide critical information to patients, healthcare professionals and customers. Kobiton is uniquely designed to be deployed in the most sensitive, highly regulated environments. From world-class security to optional fully on-premises deployment, Kobiton will seamlessly deploy into the most stringent of enterprises. Count on the Kobiton Mobile Experience Platform to keep patients, healthcare professionals and policy holders informed about their healthcare, patients, prescriptions and insurance claims, while protecting sensitive data from security breaches.


Customer Spotlight

With history and experience using many vendors in the Mobile Testing space, the Wolters Kluwer Test Automation team ultimately chose the Kobiton Mobile Experience platform. When asked why, the team explained that only Kobiton delivered the real devices that their teams needed to run their test automation effectively, true flexibility around how they could host and access these devices, and a feature set that could actually adapt and provide the capabilities that they truly needed to quickly deliver medicine-critical applications.

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