The Future of App Testing

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Testing is a complex and dynamic part of app development. Tap into the the experts who brought you QASymphonyKMS Technology and Kobiton (a new mobile device cloud platform), for a forecast of what to expect next.

Trend 1:

Internet of Things will continue to gain attention: As more applications use mobile devices as the point of interaction with smart/connected devices, testing on mobile phones based on different geographic proximity to the device, behind firewalls, outside home networks (for security) will become crucial.

Trend 2:

Accessibility support in UX: As support for accessibility on mobile devices increases, testing for acceptable behavior on a wider variety of devices will be required.

Trend 3:

Apps for Enterprise Support (and need for Security): As hybrid (and micro) apps are created for wider adoption with millennials using personal cell phones in the workforce today, the increased need for security testing on a wider variety of devices, from various geo-locations, will increase.

As consumers and businesses come to rely more heavily on Internet-connected devices, testing will remain a complex, but critical link, to developing and launching software. Kobiton is a new mobile device cloud platform developed by the experts behind QASymphony and KMS Technology. Currently in beta (and seeking more beta testers), this innovative new platform will help you test on an increasing number of Internet-connected devices.

Help us, join the beta and be part of the solution.

About Mush Honda

Image of Mush Honda

Mush Honda is the Vice President of Testing at KMS Technology, Inc. He is a driven IT leader with over 15 years of experience in software testing and practice management. After joining KMS Technology in 2010 as a QA Manager, Mush was named VP of Testing in 2015. His current responsibilities include architecting efficient automation and manual test strategies and processes, while empowering teams to be successful.

Prior to working with KMS, Mush worked with Nexidia Inc., Colibrium Partners, LLC, Connecture, Inc., Ernst & Young, LLP, Majesco, and Superior Insurance.

Mush is a leading expert in the testing industry known for his testing practice leadership, solutions development, cross-industry expertise, and leadership development. During his career tenure, he has worked with applications in insurance, healthcare, speech analytics and financial services.

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