Q: What is Kobiton?
Kobiton is a mobile cloud platform that enables users to perform manual or automated testing on physical iOS and Android devices.
Q: Who should use Kobiton?
Anyone who needs to test mobile and web apps on real devices.
Q: What types of applications does Kobiton support?
Kobiton supports web automation testing for iOS and Android. For non-automation test scenarios, you can install any app (web, native and hybrid) and test them manually.
Q: Does Kobiton use simulators or emulators?
No, Kobiton only carries real devices.
Q: Which OS versions does Kobiton support?
Kobiton supports iOS versions 9.0 to 10.3 and Android versions 4.4.x to 7.1.
Q: What is the maximum app file size?
Kobiton supports application files up to 500 MB.
Q: Do you store my app, tests, and other files on your servers? For how long?
Tested apps will be automatically uninstalled after the test session but the test history (session name, description, screenshots, log) will be retained until you cancel your account. The user is able to delete the test session at any time.
Q: Does Kobiton modify my application?
On iOS, Kobiton will re-sign your applications with Kobiton cloud device UDID and it doesn't affect your original binary (.ipa).
On Android, No.
Q: What are the available devices?
Kobiton has a large (and growing) selection of iOS and Android devices, including both older and the latest models. See the list of Kobiton devices.
Q: How can I select a device for my testing? Can I retest on the same device?
Users can access all available devices via the Device Menu. You can retest on the same exact device within your private/organization section. However, Kobiton cloud devices are assigned based on your desired configuration, making it difficult to guarantee the ability to test on the same device in future test sessions.
Q: Are there any apps pre-installed on Kobiton devices?
Yes, devices may have a number of apps pre-installed by the device manufacturer or carrier.
Q: Can I use the device camera?
Yes, you can use the device cameras, both front and rear facing. However, due to the way the devices are mounted, images and videos may look dark and blurry.
Q: I need the ability to simulate the device location, can Kobiton do this?
Yes, you can change the device location on both Android and iOS devices during manual test sessions.
Q: Whenever I begin a session on a Kobiton Android device, I can see the left over google account credentials from the previous tester. How do I keep my information private?
Kobiton now removes all Google account information on Android devices at the end of the test session, but you should always verify that just to be sure.
Q: Which automation frameworks does Kobiton support?
We support Appium 1.6.4 on our server so users can choose either Selenium or Appium automation frameworks on Kobiton.
Q: How can I enable screenshot capturing for automation/manual test sessions?
For automation, please check "Allow screen capture" when you are generating the "Desired Capabilities" for your test execution. Kobiton automatically records every single action performed with a screenshot.
Q: Is there a default Google account on the Android devices?
Yes, each Kobiton device has an active Google account configured on it.
Q: Does Kobiton support recording HTTP commands for automation test?
Kobiton records all automation commands and capture screenshots associated with it.
Q: For iOS, do I need to add private/organization devices UDIDs to my provisioning profile?
Yes, you are required to add our device UDIDs to the app, so it can be deployed on your private/organization devices.
Q: Does Kobiton keep my application on the devices I have tested?
No, the installed apps will be uninstalled automatically on the exit of your test session. However, users should clean up other data or information that was used or created during the test session.
Q: Is there any restriction on testing a particular domain app?
Apps that are used for hacking or malware distribution are prohibited.
Q: Is it safe to test my application on Kobiton devices?
Yes, although we advise against exposing apps that contain sensitive personal and financial information such as those related to healthcare or banking.
Q: Will anyone else be able to access my app or the device during a testing session?
No, the Kobiton cloud device is only available to you once a test session has started. Your apps are protected and will not be accessible to anyone during or immediately after the test session. Kobiton will automatically uninstall the app after the completion of the test session.
Q: When I am testing on a device, will there be any other apps using the device at the same time?
While no one else will be testing on the device at the same time, there are always apps using the device such as pre-installed apps, system apps, services, etc. These should not interfere with your testing sessions.
Q: Will the automatic activity logs created during a testing session be available to anyone else but me?
Yes, all members of your organization will be able to access the test session data. For an individual tester account, the session log is only available to the owner of the account and not to anyone else.
Q: What is included in a Kobiton test session?
Kobiton test session contains session name, description, HTTP commands/actions performed, device logs, screenshots, metadata etc.
Q: Which device logs are included in a Kobiton test session?
Kobiton test session includes complete logcat/iOS-system-log captures.
Q: Can I download/export my test sessions?
No, the current release only supports downloading the screenshots from a test session.
Q: I want to record a video of my test session, can I do that?
Yes, Kobiton automatically records your manual test session, and the video can be accessed via the Session Details page.
Q: I’d like to trial Kobiton. Is a trial available?
Yes! You can begin your free trial today. Once you successfully sign up for you trial account and login select a device on and start testing! Contact us if you need help getting started.
Q: How does the free trial work?

The trial gives you 120 device minutes to use over the course of 15 days. Please see more details on our pricing page.

Note: Users can cancel the trial anytime during the trial period.

Q: What do I have to do for my trial to be reset?
Nothing, just log into the Kobiton portal as usual, using the same username and password. Your new trial will begin as soon as you log in.
Q: When does my new trial expire?
Your free trial will expire exactly 15 days from the moment you log back into the portal.
Q: Will my credit card still be automatically charged after the trial ends?
No, we have removed the auto-renewal. Now you will be asked to select a plan at the end of the trial to continue testing before your card is charged.
Q: I used to have access to 160 devices, now I only have 30 to choose from. Why?
Since we have removed the credit card requirement, we created a trial cloud that protects the integrity of devices for our paid users. When you select a plan after the trial you will have access to the entire suite of Kobiton cloud devices.
Q: How much does Kobiton cost?
Pricing is based on the subscription plan you choose. Please see more details on our pricing page.
Q: How do you charge the overages minutes?
When you used your subscription minutes, you can still continue to test on the Kobiton devices. the overages device minutes charged at the rate of $0.14 per device minute and billed at the end of the month.
Q: How does the device slots work?
You can plug any no. of devices using the Kobiton dekstop app but you can activate only the no. of devices as per the slots purchased.
Q: Can I buy additional device slots?
Yes, you can buy additional device slots and they will be available to you immediately.
Q: Does Kobiton charge for in-house device minutes?
No, any testing minutes on in-house devices are free of charge.
Q: When you close a device or exit the browser, does that mean the device is released and is no longer being charged?
Yes, the device will be released immediately and stop charging the device minutes.
Q: Can I upgrade and downgrade plans at any time?
Currently, Kobiton only supports upgrading from Indie to Business, but not vice versa. Please contact us if you need to downgrade your subscription.
Q: Are all plans auto-renewed?
No, only Business plans auto-renew. However, users can cancel their subscription at any time.
Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
Credit card payment and paypal supported payment methods only
Q: Will I receive an invoice?
Yes, you will receive an invoice for every payment via email.
Q: What are concurrent test?
The concurrent test means that how many devices your test scripts will be executed in parallel for an automation test session. In case of manual test session, it’s no. of devices launched and being used at the same time.
Q: Is there any limit on concurrent tests?

No, both Indie and Business plans allow for unlimited concurrent test sessions.

Note: There is no limit for concurrent test sessions on in-house devices when using device lab management.

Q: What will happen to my current account/plan as a result of the changes?
Your account will automatically be reset to a billing period beginning July 17, 2017. You will not see any changes to the number of remaining minutes in your account.
Q: Will I be charged again for creating a new account?
No, we will rollover any unused minutes to your new Indie subscription without charging your credit card again.
Q: What do I have to do for my plan/account to be reset?
Nothing, just log into the Kobiton portal as usual with the same username and password. You will have the same minutes balance as you had prior to the transition, with the option to purchase more minutes if desired.
Q: How can I purchase additional minutes?
By going to the subscription tab in the admin portal and changing the quantity of minutes to your desired amount. The minimum number of minutes for each additional purchase is 100.
Q: How much is each additional minute?
Kobiton charges $0.10 per device minute, but you cannot purchase less than 100 minutes ($10) at a time.
Q: Is there a minimum number of minutes I must commit to before I can purchase?
Yes, you must purchase at least 100 minutes ($10). There is no maximum.
Q: How long do the minutes remain in my account after purchase?
Kobiton minutes never expire for Indies. You can use them whenever you want, no matter how long ago you purcased them.
Q: What do I have to do for my plan/account to be reset?
Nothing, just log into the Kobiton portal as usual, using the same username and password. you will have the same number of minutes and device slots as you had prior to the transition, with the option to purchase more minutes if desired.
Q: If I purchase minutes or device slots during the middle of my billing cycle, when will they be available for use?
All upgrades made to business accounts take effect immediately. Any upgrades to your plan will be implented for the current month, as well as all subsequent months until you change the plan details again. Any downgrades will take effect during the following billing cycle.
Q: Is there a minimum number of minutes/device slots I must commit to before I can purchase a biz plan?
Yes, you must purchase at least 500 minutes ($50) at a time with business accounts. Any amount above that, includeing $51, is fine. OR you must purchase at least 1 device slot ($30) to activate a business acount.
Q: Is there a minimum number of minutes/device slots I must purchase when upgrading my plan?
Yes, you must purchase minutes in blocks of $50 (500 mins at a time).
Q: Is there a maximium number of minutes I can purchase?
No, we do not have a max limitation on number of minutes or device slots.
Q: How long do the minutes remain in my account after purchase?
Minutes roll over from month to month and are avaialble for the life of your subscription/contract with us. Your minutes will continue to accrue until your service is terminated.
Q: What is Kobiton device management feature?
Kobiton device management feature allows you to use your own devices with Kobiton service for manual/automation testing purposes. You are responsible for all telecommunications service (telephone, data, Internet and any other such service) with respect to your devices. Kobiton is not responsible for data usage or any other charges between you and your carrier or service provider that you may incur using your device with the Kobiton service.
Q: Which OS versions does Kobiton support?
Kobiton supports iOS versions 9.0 to 10.3 and Android versions 4.4.x to 7.1.
Q: Which Kobiton subscription plans support the device management feature?
The device management feature is supported by “Team”, “Growing Biz” and “Enterprise” subscription plans.
Q: What is organization devices in Kobiton?
The organization devices are the devices owned by an organization and being used with Kobiton for manual/automation testing purposes.
Q: Does Kobiton install any application on my personal devices?
Yes, in order to make the organization device available in the Kobiton service for manual/automation testing purposes.
Q: Does Kobiton collects organization device personal information ?
Yes, Kobiton collects device (private/organization) information such as device name, OS version, UDID, in order to uniquely identify your devices to execute the manual/automation test on it.
Q: What if the organization in-house device got damaged(some HW/SW issue) by using the Kobiton device management function?
An organization uses their in-house devices with Kobiton service at their own risk and Kobiton doesn't own any liability for any kind damage caused to their devices.
Q: What is app repository?
The app repository is a storage place in Kobiton for your apps. By storing your apps in the app repository you can access and test them anytime from anywhere.
Q: I am an organization account user, Can i delete the apps uploaded by other users in the organization?
No, You can only delete the apps uploaded by you. However you can see the other users public apps and use it for manual/automation testing purposes.
Q: Can i manage multiple version of the app in the App repository?
Yes, you can add multiple version of your application to the app repository.
Q: Is my application safe in the App repository?
Yes, the apps only visible to your organization members and there is no public access.
Q: Does the App repository supports the .zip file format?
Yes, If you create your iOS application as a .app directory with multiple files, you need to export it as a .zip file before uploading. If you have created your app as a .ipa file, you can upload that file directly without needing to zip it up.