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    6 AI Testing Tools for Enterprise Businesses
    Sep 04 2023

    6 AI Testing Tools for Enterprise Businesses

    Annual spending on software design and testing is estimated to exceed $850 billion globally. Essentially, this underscores the exceptional value current enterprises attach to their research and development teams. However, introducing AI testing tools in the development of mobile applications will likely overturn the modus operandi and disrupt the status quo for most QAs.

    AI in test automation has, until recently, been one of the most elusive outcomes in mobile app development. Even then, the evolution of AI for testing tools that can ensure quality software effectively changes everything in the future. Today, AI in test automation and machine learning tools contribute immensely to developing high-quality software and applications. 

    If you are an enterprise-level business, embracing the evolving impact of AI in shaping the design and testing process is imperative. This article expounds on different AI testing tools and further provides the features of each device.

    The Evolving Role of AI for Testing 

    The application of AI for testing in mobile apps and the software development process is an evolving concept. Compared to other advanced application areas, more must be done to ensure automated software testing improves.

    Despite being a new approach, the application of AI in test automation makes the design, development, and testing life cycle easier. AI is a valuable addition to the process of design and testing. AI can reduce the cost and time used to complete mundane tasks when used effectively.

    Here are some of the best AI automation tools for testing today.

    1.   Kobiton NOVA AI Engine

    At Kobiton, we are committed to leveraging the power of AI and machine learning to improve the software testing process. Our NOVA AI Engine platform can help businesses automate their testing processes, enabling them to test faster and more efficiently.

    With our platform, you can reduce the time and resources spent on manual testing, while improving the accuracy and reliability of your tests. Our AI algorithms can identify and prioritize test cases based on their impact on the overall software quality, helping you optimize your testing efforts.

    Moreover, our machine learning models can analyze your testing data to identify patterns and trends, enabling you to make data-driven decisions about your software testing strategy.

    2.   QMetry Automation AI Tool

    The QMetry Automation Studio is an open-source tool that helps improve the automation testing process's structure, efficiency, and reliability. You can now undertake coded automation with incredible ease using this AI tool.

    In the past, manual testers had significant challenges transitioning to automated testing. The problem was due to a need for more AI tools to help transition to computerized systems. But with the QMetry automation study, it’s now possible to transition from manual to automated systems with remarkable ease.

    QMetry can help businesses test for the functionality of their respective tools with incredible ease. Further, this tool is well-developed for micro-services automated -testing needs. One of the critical features of this tool is its agile testing feature. QA teams using the QMetry Automation Studio can now deliver better quality software quickly and incredibly efficiently. If you are a fast-timer, using this AI tool helps you design, maintain, and manage test libraries. You can also integrate with other major platforms through seamless and well-integrated internal features.

    The AI tool helps businesses to test for typical testing scenarios such as touch ID and location spoofing. With such dynamic tools, you can configure your apps to suit all your needs.

    3.   The Test Complete AI App

    The Test Complete AI App is another superior testing platform for QAs. The tool allows testers to create automated tests for different apps and software. You can also record and solve difficulties with the tool’s keyword-different functionality. This feature allows the tester to pre-record issues and manually create log-ins ready for automation.

    The best part is that this tool runs on Microsoft Windows, Web, OS, and IOS. Ideally, this means that QA can utilize the device from any of these commonly readily available platforms online. On the same note, the Test Complete AI tools comprise three necessary modules, which allow direct access through desktop, web, and mobile phones. This means that the QA can have the option of undertaking specialized testing on each platform.

    This specific tool has an advantage over the others, allowing for testing for both mobile and desktop platforms. The tool has some unique features, including leading object recognition mechanisms and support for multiple scripting languages. Further, the device supports recording robust-automated tests without needing scripting knowledge.

    4.   Selenium

    Selenium is the other unique AI tool readily available as an automation tool. The tool is often used for automating the tests undertaken by QAs for web browsers. This tool is an open-source platform that offers free usage. You don’t need to pay for licensing costs or other hidden charges.

    Selenium is the best place to kickstart the testing process for any QA tester, starting with mobile app testing or software analysis. Further, Selenium can work on any programming language, including Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and .Net.

    Testers who want to test different operating systems also have the luxury of choosing between Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is another significant advantage considering that it further expands the testing reach and eliminates any existing limits to testing.

    On the same note, tests can be solved using various browsers. The browsers include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Most developers appreciate these broad-based options when using this powerful testing tool. Another core advantage of this tool is that it can be helpful in web application testing.

    This means that beyond offering solutions for mobile applications, the tool further offers options for QAs also to test and certify web applications. However, one of the few setbacks with this tool includes the need for a reporting facility. Therefore, as a QA, you may need to integrate it with other valuable tools, such as the TestNG, to ensure that you have a reporting mechanism.

    5.   Cypress

    The Cypress test runner can help QAs test any mobile application or software on a browser. A key advantage inherent in Cypress as a testing platform is its ability to handle modern JavaScript frameworks. The tool can manage hundreds of tests on the latest JavaScript Frameworks, including the Angular program. The tool also provides excellent results when the tester wants to understand failures and share findings with respective teams.

    Cypress can record test runs, which also provide results in real-time. The tool also allows for the execution of tasks in the same run loop as the applications being tested. Another benefit of using this tool is that users don’t need to deal with object serialization during testing.

    6.   Diffblue

    Differential tools are as crucial in monitoring when undertaking automated testing. One of the core benefits of differential tools is their ability to test a multi-facet of issues in an app. The device combines in-depth testing for quality issues, regression, security, and code-related errors during testing.

    DifflBlue is among the most useful differential tools in the market today. The tool creates a line of unit testing into the open-source control system, enhancing results through AI. One of the main inspirations behind this tool is to improve code quality and enhance efficiency.

    If, as a quality assurance team, your primary motivation is to improve code quality without necessarily owning a test creation platform.

    Time to Consider AI Testing Tools for Better Functionality

    Test automation for software remains an elusive outcome in mobile app development. However, the evolution of AI tools that can test and quality software spells a new era in design and development. Our advanced solution and features present a new frontier for accurate testing and profiling. Visit our website today and try out our tailor-made solutions for all your testing needs.