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Automation testing on mobile is difficult. Like, really difficult.


Web automation is easier than mobile automation, but with the shift to "mobile-first", organizations are under increasing pressure to make the move to mobile test automation. And while a background in web automation skills is helpful, mobile automation brings new challenges, which can make traversing this mobile automation framework tough.

Scripting complexity

Creating automation scripts isn’t exactly easy. A recent industry survey shows it takes between 8-40 hours to write a single test script! And finding a platform that supports all the technologies that you want to use, such as Appium, XCUI, Espresso, or even scriptless automation, seems like a tall order.

Fragile tests

There is no standard across device manufacturers. Element Locators mysteriously change across device types leading to the dreaded "NoSuchElement" Exception. In fact, organizations polled show that they spend on average 24 hours fixing each script with every app release!

Real-device testing

It isn't enough to run your automation scripts on emulators or simulators. The magic happens on real devices. After all, your customers don't use emulators or simulators. Adding real devices into your testing process is imperative, but adds a layer of complexity.

Kobiton is your bridge to mobile automation testing.

Full support for the technologies you already know and love

We believe in playing well in the ecosystem - no need to lock you into proprietary scripts and artificially creating 'vendor lock-in'. With Kobiton, you're free to use Appium, XCUI, Espresso or even our scriptless automation technology if you prefer.

No coding if you don't want to

While we fully support test automation frameworks such as Appium, Espresso and XCTest, we understand that the added complexity can be a barrier to mobile test automation. Kobiton’s Intelligent Test Automation lets you rapidly create automated test scripts by simply executing a manual test and having that replay on hundreds of devices. Your test scripts can be instantly updated with new app features without requiring tedious scripting.

Putting an end to flaky tests

Test scripts are constantly breaking. Either your app changed, or, the test that worked on one mobile device doesn’t work on another device. The result? Countless wasted hours updating test scripts. Kobiton’s industry-first Appium Anywhere technology puts an end to flaky test scripts ensuring your test runs the same on every device.

And our human-in-the-loop allows quick remediation of app functionality changes to effortlessly update your test scripts.

Real devices. Instantly provisioned. Much happiness.

Run your mobile automation test scripts on real devices without the headache of managing real devices. Whether you want our instantly available cloud devices, or to manage your distributed devices, the Kobiton platform doesn't keep you constrained to emulators or simulators.

There's no comparison, Kobiton's mobile automation testing tools are the best in the industry.

Is it worth it? Heck yeah. Calculate your Automation ROI.

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Real-device testing

Manual and Automated testing on real-devices. Ultra fast performance, wide market coverage and the most flexibility of any device platform.


Intelligent Test Automation

Experience the industry’s first scriptless mobile test automation platform and see just how quickly making the move to automation can be.

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