QA Survival Guide: Coping with DevOps Road Rage

The pressure is on to release more, faster, and with better quality. This is made possible by the implementation of mature DevOps processes....processes which can not be slowed down by the QA cycle.

Top Trends Forcing Enterprises to Revamp How They Test Software

“Build more apps! Test more devices! Find more bugs!” and “Oh, we are releasing in minutes now, not weeks.” Sound familiar? If you’re feeling bottlenecked by digital and the rapid acceleration of DevOps/Agile, you’re certainly not alone. An increasing number of disruptive trends have forced software organizations to revamp their mobile app testing processes. The result is an uncomfortable shove into Automation Testing and “release-less” builds. ...

7 hidden Costs and Fails of Legacy Mobile Testing Labs

Some of the biggest names in mobile cloud testing are swindling you. Fact. Their outdated technologies can’t keep up with the accelerating demands of modern mobile app development and the growing need to nix app abandonment across more digital platforms, shrinking release cycles, and near-zero user tolerance for Crapps (that’s ‘crappy’ + ‘apps’). Yet, legacy testing clouds including AWS, SauceLabs and Perfecto continue to charge a fortune for capabilities you’ll...

Security First: How Mobile App Developers Can Prioritize Security While Retaining Speed to Market

Most mobile app developers assume they’ve had no security issues to date, so their process must be working. They assume they’ve performed at least adequate QA and testing, and everything seems fine. Their thinking seems sound, but the facts indicate those assumptions don’t hold up.