Success Stories

See how industry leaders Q2 and GreenSky deliver the perfect mobile experience.

GreenSky’s mission is to help businesses grow and delight their customers. Learn how their emphasis on 'mobile-first' has propelled them to be a leader in the industry.

Q2's mission is to build stronger communities by strengthening their financial institutions. See how their fanatical approach to the user experience separates them from their competition.

This global leader in athletic apparel and e-commerce has a mission to bring the best athletic apparel and content to a world-wide audience. Check out the Case Study to learn how Kobiton helped the team reduce overall mobile time to market by 92%. 

EngagedMedia was tasked with building a leading solution around digital patient engagement, and much of this needed to be done through a mobile phone. They ended up choosing Kobiton and have seen incredible results, including making a jump from zero automation to 40% automation. Read the Case Study to learn more!

ABN AMRO Bank N.V. (ABN AMRO), a long-time leader in mobile banking, created online and mobile banking portals for each of its ten private banking markets worldwide. ABN AMRO Bank N.V. chose Kobiton to test their mobile products, and increased the speed of their testing by 88%! Check out the Case Study to learn more.

In 2014, a business unit under this financial services company was faced with mobile digital experience challenges that affected customers and employees. They chose the Kobiton Mobile Experience platform to resolve these challenges. Read the Case Study to learn more!

With a user base of 4.6 million online customers and two million mobile users, this "big four" Australian bank’s focus on delivering world-class mobile banking and payment innovations is constant. Read the Case Study to learn more about how they used the Kobiton platform to boost overall productivity and make testing on real devices easier.

In 2013, mobile traffic to Simplyhealth's website had risen significantly, and the trend was expected to continue. While this was good news, there was a concern that the customer experience might erode as a result, along with the company’s ability to provide continuous application delivery on mobile devices. Read the Case Study to learn how Simplyhealth used Kobiton to deliver higher quality experiences at rapid speed.

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