Understanding unlimited minutes vs unlimited parallel sessions.

I need unlimited minutes on my plan.

At Kobiton we believe your time is the most valuable commodity of all. In today's "Continuous Testing" environment, getting your tests completed fast are critical. This is why our plans offer unlimited parallel, or concurrent, sessions.


What this means is that you can run a single automated test script against tens or hundreds of device simultaneously and get your results back in as little time as it takes a single test script to execute. We think that's pretty cool.


Other platforms offer plans with unlimited minutes, but restricted to a single test session at a time. This means you can only execute one test at a time, and if you're trying to test on hundreds of devices, you're going to be waiting a long time for your results. Not so good for a continuous testing environment.


If unlimited minutes is more important to you than high concurrency, Kobiton "has a plan for that". Just fill out the form on the right and let us know your testing needs require minutes more than they do concurrent sessions and we'll happy put a plan together for you.

I need a plan with unlimited minutes.