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Google Firebase

Device Lab Management
Real Device access
Emulator and simulator access
Secure Public cloudA "first come, first serve" public cloud offering that is secured by in-depth clean-up policies and SOC2 and SOC3 compliance.
Dedicated Private CloudReal Devices available in the Cloud, but only to those within your organization.
Dedicated Local CloudTake devices that you already own locally, hook them up to a Mac product, and, boom, they are in the Cloud and available to those within your org.
Mix and match Cloud options for a Hybrid CloudBuild a mix-and-match Cloud offering between different deployment types.
Fully on-premises Real Device set-upFully on-premises and "behind the firewall" Real Device deployments with optional physically secured deployments available for sensitive environments.
Desktop web support
Manual Testing
Real-time manual test UI
Complex gesture support
30FPS video streamingHigh-performance video streaming on your manual session in the Cloud.
Low-latency testingMinimal to virtually zero input lag when testing on Real Devices in the Cloud or on-premises.
Network throttlingReproduce real-world network conditions.
Location spoofingMake your real device think that it's anywhere in the world!
Log capture and analysisCapture logs from your manual test sessions
Scriptless manual to automation conversionPerform a manual test and convert that test into an automation script, no code required.
Test Automation
Scriptless Automation
Scriptless open-standard Appium generationGenerate 100% open-standard Appium scripts from manual sessions that you can run anywhere, without ANY vendor-lock.
Appium compatibleRun Appium automation on real devices.
Custom Enhanced AppiumUtilize a custom Appium server that is >2-3x faster than normal Appium.
XCUITest compatibleRun XCUITest automation on real devices.
Selenium compatibleRun Selenium automation on real devices.
Espresso/UI Automator compatibleRun Espresso automation on real devices.
Flutter compatibleCreate and run tests utilizing the Appium-Flutter driver on real devices.
Earl Grey compatibleRun Early Grey automation on real devices.
Functional Testing
Visual Testing
Visual UI/UX Design TestingTest the beauty and design quality of your UI/UX.
Front-end Performance TestingTest performance at the application, network, and device level.
Pop-up proof UI automation Get past the pop-up problem with automation solutions that are "pop-up proof"
Network Payload Capture
Response Time AnalysisMeasure test-step specific response times.
Intelligent remediationRemediate for Functional, Visual, and Performance issues without the need to dig through screenshots and logs.
Session Exploration
Session Exploration within the UIExplore your test session after your manual and automation tests have been executed.
Video footage of your test session
Response time analysis during session reviewVisualize test-step-specific response time in consumable charts.
Network Payload Capture analysis during session reviewVisualize network request and response payload in consumable charts.

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