Maintain Testing Continuity

Everything you need to rapidly scale a remote testing team with one budget friendly payment

Whether due to unanticipated global events or as part of your organization’s strategy, the need to continue your test cycles unhindered is paramount. Kobiton allows your testers to access test scripts and mobile devices in the cloud, from anywhere.

Effortless device access for remote, global testing teams

Enjoy unparalleled freedom to deploy the perfect mobile device testing cloud. Connect your local on-premise devices – and even “on-desk” devices – along with any of our 350+ devices to create a true hybrid cloud mobile testing platform.


Instant access to hundreds of real-devices in our public cloud


Exclusive devices hosted for you means the utmost in privacy and availability


Connect devices you already own for centralized administration and global access

Introducing the 90-day Testing Continuity Plan


The Testing Continuity Plan is ideal for organizations that need to rapidly overcome disruption to their testing cycles but are not currently in a position to commit to a platform or annual contract.

Budget Friendly

Enjoy the benefits of your own dedicated private devices, along with hundreds of shared devices for a 90-day period, at a fraction of the true cost of device ownership.

Overcome business disruption

Business disruption can come in many forms and often comes unexpectedly. With our Testing Continuity plan, your team can have a full private mobile device lab ready-to-go in 24 hours.

Device ownership without the headache

Continue your test cycles unhindered and uninterrupted on the devices of your choosing. Lease the devices of your choice without any significant up-front cost outlay or long-term commitment.

Choose Your Plan
  • Private Devices

    Private Devices
  • On-Premise Devices

    On-Premise Devices
  • Shared Devices

    Shared Devices
  • Unlimited Users

    Unlimited Users
  • Commitment

  • Fast Track

    Fast Track
Testing Continuity Plan
Enterprise features
  • Private Devices

    10 private devices of your choosing racked and ready-to-go in 24 hours. Kobiton purchases the devices on your-behalf if needed and leases them to you - all included in the price.
  • On-Premise Devices

    Connect your own on-premise (or "at-home") devices for remote access with centralized administration.
  • Shared Devices

    Enjoy 15,000 minutes across our public (shared) devices to supplement your device farm.
  • Unlimited Users

    Remote testing for your entire team, not just a few. Enjoy unlimited users with unlimited concurrent sessions.
  • Commitment

    No annual contract. Everything your need to maintain testing continuity for 90 days.
  • Fast Track

    Kobiton will have you ready-to-test in 24 hours with access to our Customer Success Team

If you’re measured by the company you keep, we’ve got you covered.

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