Tame device chaos.

Managing a device farm can be difficult. And Expensive.


Managing a device lab isn’t for the faint of heart. From providing remote access, to managing inventory, it’s a full-time job.

Remote access is needed now more than ever

As recent events have shown, the need for anytime anywhere device access is imperative. Yet, providing remote access to physical devices can be challenging.

Phone churn affects your bottom line

From shipping phones to different locations and allowing employees to take phones home, organizations are struggling with phones going missing or breaking, requiring a constant need to replace.

A lack of centralized administration and reporting

All too often, distributed devices means a lack of centralized administration and reporting, making it extremely inefficient and impractical to properly share session data and logs.

How Kobiton helps you tame device chaos.

Instantly “cloud enable” all your physical devices, regardless of location.

All your devices, whether distributed around the global or centralized in one location, can be connected to the Kobiton platform to instantly enable remote access with centralized administration and reporting.

Enjoy the benefit of device ownership without the hassle of device ownership.

For organizations that want to take it a step further and not manage any devices on-premise, our Private device cloud gives you the benefit of device ownership without the hassle. Kobiton buys (or you ship to us) devices on your behalf and racks them up in our world-class data centers. No more keeping tabs of your in-house device inventory, so you can focus on testing.

Customer Spotlight

Frontier Airlines place a strong emphasis on delivering a perfect experience on their mobile channel. As part of their testing initiatives, they had over 50 devices in their offices, and were struggling to allow access for multiple teams in multiple locations, including work-from-home testers. After evaluating the market, they selected Kobiton’s Device Lab Management solution so that they can connect all their devices into a seamless test cloud that can be accessed from anywhere globally, with centralized administration and reporting. These devices are now also being utilized 24/7 for mobile test automation.

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