Coverage Testing

The fragmented mobile ecosystem


The mobile device market is incredibly fragmented. Unlike web applications which have had the benefit of standards specifications, the mobile app world is still the wild west.


Apps that work on one device and operating system combination may not work on a different device and operating system combination.


In fact, research shows that to ensure your app works on 90% of the market, you would need to test on a 159 device/operating system combinations:

This number explodes exponentially - Achieving 95% market coverage will require testing on 359 device/operating system combinations. 100% market coverage? Try a whopping 12,000 device combinations!

Why coverage testing is important.

High App Abandonment

1 in 4 apps are abandoned after first use due to technical issues. Considering the cost of customer acquisition, a high app abandonment rate hurts not just the top line but the bottom line too.

Poor App Store Ratings

Unfortunately the first time you learn about your app not working on a specific device is often through a poor review on the app store...when it’s too late to do anything about it.

Negative CX Impact

Organizations are investing to differentiate on the customer experience. For today’s digital customer, the mobile channel is often their first, and only, touchpoint with your organization. A poor mobile experience hurts your CX investment.

How Kobiton ensures your apps work on all devices.

Access hundreds of real-devices in our public cloud, without the cost of device ownership.

Our public cloud allows you to instantly access hundreds of devices to ensure proper market coverage. Low per-minute charges means you get all the benefits of testing across a wide variety of devices without the associated cost.

Easily run one test across hundreds of devices

Intelligent Test automation is your quickest path to ensuring that your app is well-behaved across all devices. Easily replay a manual test session on hundreds of devices and get instant feedback on your app.

Customer Spotlight

Office Depot utilizes the Kobiton Public Cloud to ensure a consistent mobile experience for all geographical locations. They are able to use a large variety of devices to check both the mobile web UI and customer buyer journey. By leveraging the hundreds of devices in the Kobiton cloud, they are able to quickly validate that the experience works as designed and as expected across all devices providing a more representative market coverage than testing just on a few in-house devices. The access to devices also means they are quickly able to respond to customer support issues by replicating reported issues on specific devices and share detailed information with developers.

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