Test Automation

Making the move to automation isn’t a “nice-to-have” anymore. It’s a must-have.


In a recent survey conducted by Kobiton, over 57% of respondents noted that they are currently releasing on a weekly or daily basis. Monthly releases are not cutting it anymore, and without a strong automation strategy in place, releasing weekly or daily is a herculean task. Yet, many companies are struggling to make the move to automation on mobile.

Mobile innovation dictates rapid release cycles.

As companies continue to differentiate on the mobile channel, there is a continued and relentless drive to innovate. This requires adopting extreme agility with frequent releases and continuous testing.

Automation test scripts on mobile devices are flaky.

Test scripts love to break. And with companies spending up to 40 hours fixing each test script, making the move to automation can be difficult, time consuming and costly.

Finding qualified test engineers is an impediment to moving to automation.

Mobile test automation can be difficult, and finding qualified test engineers even harder. Resource constraints are cited as one of the biggest reasons that automation initiatives are stalled.

How Kobiton helps you make the move to mobile test automation.

Run your automation test scripts on real-devices.

Truly successful automation scripts that drive positive outcomes for the business will integrate real-devices into the testing process. With full support for open standard Appium, Kobiton lets you quickly incorporate real-device testing into your automation strategy.

Easily run one test across hundreds of devices.

Intelligent Test automation is your quickest path to ensuring that your app is well-behaved across all devices. Easily replay a manual test session on hundreds of devices and get instant feedback on your app.

Customer Spotlight

Imprivata supply software to the medical and hospital community, so are well-versed with the sensitivities around working in a HIPPA compliant environment. Moreover, they have mission-critical app functionality so have particularly onerous and rigorous quality assurance processes in place. Automation is a key component of ensuring depth and breadth of test coverage. Imprivata selected the Kobiton platform to execute up to 20 hours of automated testing per day across 50 parallel mobile devices, driving quality and efficiency into the release process.

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