The Future of Mobile DevOps

Continuous Deployment for Agile Mobile Testing

Integrate Mobile Testing into DevOps

DevOps and CI/CD have raised the bar for agile development and testing.


Complete the DevOps process by integrating real-device testing into your pipeline.

Real-Device Testing

Key Features

Taking DevOps and CI/CD to the next level.

Agile Test Automation.

Run automated test scripts against real-devices, all within your DevOps workflow. Automatically capture failed tests with rich logging and session videos.

  • Continuous Integration
  • Agile Software Testing
  • DevOps Pipeline Integration

  • Run Automated Tests
  • Create tickets based on test results
  • The future of DevOps!

Access to over 350 devices all seamlessly integrated into your DevOps process

Rich test logs for true Root Cause Analysis

Successful CI/CD is all about managing test results. Kobiton captures detailed logs including full video, screenshots, gestures performed and system metrics such as memory and battery performance.


Easily replay scenarios to replicate issues and do true root cause analysis. Plugged into your DevOps process, enjoy automatic creation of tickets with attachment of the results.

  • Full video recording
  • Screenshots
  • Capture user interactions

  • System metrics reporting
  • Full device logs
  • Script execution results

Integration with your favorite tools

Test on real devices at the speed of Continuous Deployment!

Powerful APIs.


We provide comprehensive support for Appium, the leading tool for mobile automation. We have also partnered with Katalon Studio, a highly acclaimed and innovative test automation tool.



Our powerful API and built in automation tools enable you to implement automation testing, making continuous delivery a reality. Download all of your team's testing activity logs as well as the complete list of cloud devices while staying up to date on the latest releases and features.

  • Appium and Selenium support
  • Katalon support
  • API for CI/CD integration

  • Download activity logs
  • Integrate with 3rd party tools
  • API for fine-grained control


Manual, Automated and Parallel testing supported

Enjoy the efficiency of parallel execution of your test scripts. Perfect for quick integration into your CI/CD process and near-instant results.


Whether you’re doing manual, automated, functional or performance testing, Kobiton has you covered.

  • On-demand manual testing
  • Automation testing
  • Supports Appium and Selenium

  • Supports parallel script execution
  • Full DevOps integration
  • Script execution results

Step up into full device lab management.

Tame mobile device management complexity with Kobiton. Finally, combine your local on-premise devices and cloud devices, with one centralized management interface and shared testing activity.

  • Tame device complexity!
  • Central administration
  • Local, Private and Public devices

  • Supports natural gestures
  • Easy web-based access
  • API for fine-grained control

Device Lab Management

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