Kobiton vs AWS

Kobiton vs. AWS

See how Kobiton stacks up against Amazon Device Farm (AWS)

Customizable Plan Options

Highly flexible deployment model for an unlimited number of devices on-desk, on-site, or in the cloud. You can even combine internal devices with Kobiton cloud devices, or just use Kobiton as a standalone Device Management Solution.

Mobile App Security Scanning

Robust app scanning security measures through App-Ray partnership allow you to scan and analyze your mobile app for potential security gaps and protect users from breaches.

Less Than 200 Millisecond Latency

Highly responsive and modern UI allows you to run test cases in the cloud as if the devices were right there in your hand.

Incorporates Customer Feedback into Roadmap

Improves collaboration and productivity whether you have a team of 5 developers in one room or distributed teams all over the planet.

Easy to Do Business With

Lightning-fast response times for service updates, customer support, and significantly shorter wait times for out-of-stock devices.

Supports the Culture of Testers

Open integration experience with a simple, modern, and responsive GUI lets you test like a badass – using the automation tool/framework, performance testing platform, CI/CD tools, etc. you want to use.

Compare Our Service

Benefits to the User Kobiton AWS
Kobiton vs AWS Device Farm Pricing (price per minute) $0.10 $0.17
Customizable Plan Options
Local Cloud (device in-hand)
Private Cloud (managed by vendor)
Public Cloud (managed by vendor)
Hybrid Cloud (mix of all 3 cloud options)
Plugs into Any DevOps/Testing Environment
Unlimited Users
Less Than 200 Millisecond Latency (Fastest solution in the market!)
VPN Connection to Behind-the-Firewall API
Unlimited Concurrent Sessions
Specializes in Real Device Clouds
Service-Level Guarantee Support
Incorporates Customer Feedback into Roadmap
Easy to Do Business With
Fully on-prem solution available


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