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The mobile experience for retail apps is particularly important – the entire customer purchase journey is fraught with points of abandonment. Industry research shows that 1 in 4 mobile apps are abandoned after first use … and unlike some verticals where app abandonment doesn’t directly affect revenue, it’s different for retailers. Any app abandonment has a direct correlation on revenue, highlighting the importance of delivering a perfect mobile experience.

Lower shopping cart abandonment

Your perfectly designed check-out experience may not work as designed or intended on ALL the devices being used by your customer base. Kobiton lets you validate that your customers experience a seamless check-out experience across all devices.

Boost the shopping experience

Amazon have set the standard for online mobile app shopping, and it’s imperative you rise to this standard. Don’t let performance issues on commonly used devices increase abandonment.

Validate the buyer journey

Different device types and form factors can wreak havoc on your product rendering. From cut-off product descriptions or specifications, to incorrectly rendered images. All of which can result not just in abandonment, but increase your returns.

Improve poor app store ratings

A negative app store review can have a lasting impact. With 1 in 4 apps being abandoned after first use, the likelihood of receiving negative reviews increases, ultimately hurting app adoption and app store discoverability.

How Kobiton helps Retailers deliver a perfect mobile experience


For many retailers, the mobile channel is their fastest growing channel, exceeding that of their brick and mortar stores, and often already accounting for at least 50% of their revenue. The Kobiton Mobile Experience Platform is designed to help Retailers deliver flawless mobile experiences, ensuring the Mobile Experience meets the needs of your mobile growth initiatives. Kobiton has been deployed in the largest global retailers to drive innovation and performance improvements across a wide range of mobile applications. And with world-class security to optional fully on-premises deployment, Kobiton will seamlessly deploy into the most stringent of enterprises.


Customer Spotlight

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch place the utmost emphasis on the customer experience. With the realization that the mobile channel was the most rapidly growing revenue channel, they quickly moved to ensure they were delivering a perfect mobile experience to their customers.


Inconsistencies in application behavior on different devices caused unnecessary friction on the buyer journey, resulting in a higher than expected shopping cart abandonment.


By incorporating Kobiton into their DevOps process, they were able to not only lower abandonment, but also improve their app store ratings. Kobiton was selected after an extensive comparison with other products in the market. Our product features and our excellent support were cited as the factors that contributed to the selection of Kobiton.

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