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Delivering next-gen eCommerce performance with proven retail app testing


When’s the last time you bought something on your phone?

Retail verticals are rife with competition in both physical and digital markets. Companies looking to deliver next-generation mobile experiences to a broad range of customers have a pressing need for visual and performance eCommerce mobile app testing on a number of devices all at once. They know that today’s customer is constantly on the lookout for bigger, better, and faster mobile experiences. The increasing popularity and availability of virtual shopping options put pressure on retailers to be the first to create the most dynamic and accessible mobile app for their shoppers.

You need a fast, streamlined, and automated testing solution that you can plug into your mobile development efforts to refine the unique customer experience you are looking to deliver. Kobiton can help you sell and earn more on your mobile retail channel by simplifying the back-end testing process and supercharging the potential for stellar customer experiences across all mobile and web applications.

Spend Less Time Testing and Less Money on Resources

While keeping brick-and-mortar stores open is essential, recent studies show that a lot of major retail companies make more than 50% of their income from mobile experiences. Delivering a strong mobile experience can pay dividends if you ensure that you have a solid and reliable retail app testing process in place.

That doesn’t mean that testing demands need to be overwhelming or too taxing for your company to handle. Self-selected automation and scripted services will enable you to automatically test different mobile features under your parameters while freeing up your time to focus on the front of the house. Use commercial or scriptless tools, set up a testing farm across a diverse array of virtual and physical devices, and streamline your mobile experience process to deliver something truly powerful.

Deliver Outstanding Mobile Experiences to Every Retail Channel

There are several points along the retail journey that pose a risk of total abandonment. Whether some abandon their carts or leave your site before even starting the shopping process, some consumers just can’t be sold. In fact, almost 1 in 4 users who try an app end up abandoning it after the first try. In the eCommerce mobile app testing space, app use directly affects revenue, meaning that customer retention is an integral part of building an empire of mobile success.

Kobiton’s Device Lab Management package can help you achieve it all from one user-friendly location. Run scriptless automation, test for functionality, and gauge performance in a way that doesn’t disrupt your channels, but integrates with them.

Benefits of Efficient Testing and Seamless Integration

Your retail mobile app should be designed around the global consumer, offering features that tend to their ever-changing needs. This might seem easier said than done, but an efficient system of back-end testing and front-end implementation can add a verifiable boost to your company’s bottom line.

Lower Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

Some customers abandon their carts because they have found a better deal through the competitor. Others end up leaving the site because the mobile experience is not perfected on their specific device, making it difficult for them to complete the shopping process. Kobiton offers complete validation by running comprehensive digital and manual tests on chosen devices.

Validate the Customer's Journey every step of the way

It’s critical that time is spent optimizing the visual components of your mobile app so that no portion of the product or its description is cut off on your customers’ screens. The importance of pixel-perfect mobile experiences is only getting more pressing as big-time retailers work to deliver the best mobile app solution on the market. Engage in rich visual testing to ensure every element looks smooth across the board.

Boost the Shopping Experience and avoid Poor App Store Ratings

You can rise to meet the standards of today’s mobile landscape by taking inspiration from the apps that boost the shopping experience through flawless and speedy app performance, a wide range of accessibility features, on-premises deployment, increased cloud security, and a slew of answers to frequently asked questions that can quickly change an app store rating from bad to good.

The Perfect Retail Mobile Experience, Automatically Delivered

Mobile channels are typically the fastest-growing among a retailer’s many channels, outpacing even the constant popularity of brick-and-mortar options. Those who are loyal to eCommerce, however, will continue to seek out stellar mobile experiences that help the customer achieve the things they can’t get more easily at the physical store. We can help you match these growing industry demands with the mobile initiatives you already have, driving performance in the areas that matter most.

Retailers can work on making better improvements to their app experiences with a testing process that cuts out a lot of time and painstaking labor. And with fully on-premises deployment surrounded by world-class security options, Kobiton allows you to test out a number of helpful tools that will aid in the seamless deployment process:

  • Automation and Scriptless Automation
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Biometrics, Face ID, and Fingerprint Scanning
  • Cloud or On-Premises Deployment Flexibility
  • Email Accessibility for Verification and Receipt of Sale
  • Functional Testing
  • Geolocation Testing (GPS and Maps)
  • Google Pay & Apple Pay Integrations
  • Image Injection, QR Code Testing, and Card Capture
  • Localization Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Real Device Testing
  • SMS and SIM Card Support
  • Transaction Testing
  • Visual Testing
  • XIUM and Faster Appium Instance

Our wide range of testing services and capabilities take your testing needs and automate them while implementing features that change the entire mobile integration process from back to front - without interrupting your existing workflow or mobile experience initiatives.

Test and Achieve Every Use Case with Kobiton

Retail is one of the most front-facing industries in the world, making customer service an elemental part of the mobile experience. That’s why we designed the Kobiton Mobile Experience Platform to ensure that your mobile options are not only meeting the evolving needs of your customers but exceeding them by simplifying and streamlining the shopping process to avoid cart abandonment rates.

Some of the easiest and most successful features that can assist with seamless deployment include:

Accessibility Testing and Implementation

Accessibility features can easily be added as a functional part of your mobile app to pass all ADA compliance laws. This includes factors such as color correction for visually-impaired shoppers and “sound” buttons for those who are hard of hearing. Kobiton both meets and exceeds W3C standards to ensure that all shoppers can have the complete mobile retail experience.

Functional Testing

Whether through manual, automated, or scriptless testing, you can simultaneously implement the world’s best functional testing measures that turn a smooth process into an insider advantage. You aren’t restricted to just one type of testing, either. Learn more about Appium, Espresso, XCUI, and scriptless options that can help you get your mobile app on the fast track to success.

Geolocation & Localization Testing

Bluetooth and GPS technology can be implemented to help customers find the closest retail location near them based on their geolocation. There is also the option to allow users to input their own location so your mobile app can direct them to the closest store.

Item Look Up

Integrate flawless item look-up features to help customers immediately pull up the exact item they are looking for. You also have the option to implement scan-to-shop features, offering a unique opportunity for virtual and in-store interactions. Add image injection capabilities to allow for card or check payments through the app.

Performance Testing

Performance testing will give you a clear idea of how your app works and reacts on different devices as well as its CPU, memory, and network bandwidth across different devices. You can easily test across multiple devices at once with the ability to access them all from one remote and secure location.

Transaction Testing

Strong retail mobile apps allow for smooth selling and buying processes. Kobiton can double and triple-check your app’s transaction capabilities. Add a multitude of popular features such as quick checkout for Venmo, G-Pay, and Apple Pay, as well as SMS and Email connection so users can receive an instant receipt of purchase.

Mobile Testing and Integration, All in One Place

You can make your retail app better today and improve the customer experience across all regions and devices with all-in-one testing through Kobiton. Go above and beyond in delivering your mobile experience goals and create an app that can contend with industry giants. Contact Kobiton today to get started with a personalized visual and performance retail app testing consultation.

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