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Transform today and deliver a differentiated mobile experience

Moving from insurance to "insurtech"


Any company operating in the Insurance vertical faces unique challenges. The industry is changing as new, mobile-first "insurtech" companies are entering the marketplace, capturing market-share, and driving major digital transformation within the insurance industry. To differentiate yourself, you need to satisfy the demanding, always-on, digital customer while being tasked with keeping sensitive user information private and secure.

Transformation started yesterday

Just like that, "insurtech" has taken the insurance market by storm, with new names and new mobile applications promising technology that can deliver a perfect mobile and customer experience. To keep up and differentiate, insurance companies must prioritize the adoption of modern processes around mobile delivery and experience.

Keeping user information secure

Insurance companies are tasked with protecting millions of users' sensitive personal information with almost every mobile interaction, and there are few more destructive forces to a brand than the loss of user trust. Ensuring your mobile app both works as designed and keeps information secure is crucial for brand reputation.

Improve the customer experience

Insurance organizations are in an era of differentiating themselves based on the Customer Experience. However, no amount of investment in CX will overcome a poor mobile experience (MX). It truly is the age where the MX > CX.

Poor app store ratings

A negative app store review can have a lasting impact. With 1 in 4 apps being abandoned after first use, the likelihood of receiving negative reviews increases, hurting app adoption, app store discoverability, and ultimately your amount of marketshare in an increasingly mobile-first market.

How Kobiton helps Insurance companies deliver a perfect mobile experience


The Kobiton Mobile Experience Platform is designed to help Insurance organizations thrive throughout the insurtech transformation. Build and deliver flawless mobile experiences, allowing you to differentiate yourself in a crowded market. Kobiton is also uniquely designed to be deployed in the most sensitive, highly regulated environments. From world-class security to optional fully on-premises deployment, Kobiton will seamlessly deploy into the most stringent of enterprises.

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