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The ultimate mobile user - the traveller!


Whether it's researching travel options and prices, checking-in to a room or flight or ordering a meal, chances are your customers are using their mobile device. All of which makes delivering a perfect mobile experience an imperative.

Improve Customer Retention

The travel and hospitality industry operates in a highly competitive, and price sensitive, environment.  This environment necessitates a relentless focus on the customer experience to provide a differentiated and effortless experience.

Lower call volume and the complexity of Customer Support

Mobile is the preferred channel for the travel and hospitality customer - and when something like checking-in to a flight doesn't work, a phone call to support results. This places a tremendous burden on the customer support team. Testing app behavior across all devices allows you to proactively address problematic apps.

A global customer base

Travel & Leisure companies are rarely playing in a geographically isolated field. Instead, they operate at massive scale globally with a need to support literally thousands of different device types. 

Improve app store ratings

A negative app store review can have a lasting impact. With 1 in 4 apps being abandoned after first use, the likelihood of receiving negative reviews increases. ultimately hurting app adoption and app store discoverability.

How Kobiton helps Travel & Leisure companies deliver a perfect mobile experience

The Kobiton Mobile Experience Platform is designed to help Travel & Leisure companies deliver flawless mobile experiences, ensuring the Mobile Experience meets the needs of your Customer Experience initiatives. Kobiton has been deployed in the largest global Travel and Hospitality companies to drive innovation and performance improvements across a wide range of mobile applications. And with world-class security to optional fully on-premises deployment, Kobiton will seamlessly deploy into the most stringent of enterprises.


Customer Spotlight

Frontier Airlines places a significant emphasis on delivering flawless mobile experiences in recognition that the mobile experience IS the customer experience, especially with their mobile customer base. They quickly came to realize that testing on a broad array of real devices was imperative due to the incredible device fragmentation in the market. However, this posed its own set of challenges. Although they were testing on over 50 devices, they were unable to effectively and efficiently utilize them across distributed teams and distributed locations. Frontier evaluated a number of solutions and selected Kobiton for their unique ability to provide remote access to on-premises devices.  The Kobiton platform is being used to manage 50 devices in their office(s), and to allow access to devices for multiple teams in multiple locations, including work-from-home and automation. Their devices are connected in a single location that can be accessed from anywhere globally and also 24/7 for mobile automation runs. 

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