Case Study Participation guidelines

Kobiton Case Study Participation Guidelines

We’re thrilled that you are willing to share your experience using the Kobiton platform! Obtaining accurate real-world customer feedback not only helps other companies in their evaluation initiatives, but also helps Kobiton continue to incorporate customer feedback into the roadmap.


In this document we outline the procedure that we generally follow. Our aim is to make this as easy and efficient as possible, minimizing the time investment or disruption on your side.


How is it done?


Case studies can be completed either via an online meeting (eg. Zoom), or questions can be sent in a document for you to answer offline.


What questions will you ask?


While we have a standard set of questions we like to ask, we ultimately will work with a question set that you are comfortable with and that will accurately reflect your experience using the Kobiton platform, without divulging any trade secrets or proprietary business information on your side.


Typically, questions are centered around the following topic areas:


  1. Your objectives – what caused your organization to look for a solution like Kobiton (the “pain” you are trying to solve), and how are you expecting to measure results (eg. App quality, time-to-market, lower app abandonment, better user experience etc).
  2. Evaluation and Selection – What criteria did you use in your evaluation? Ultimately, why did you select Kobiton?
  3. Product Performance – How is Kobiton assisting you in solving your objectives?
  4. Quantifiable results – do you have any quantifiable results you’re able to share and attribute to the Kobiton platform?
  5. Next steps – How do you envisage growing your mobile testing capabilities over the next year or two?


What is the format of the resultant case study and where and how will it be used?


Case studies are utilized:

  1. On our website
  2. As downloadable PDFs
  3. As part of our Sales process to share with prospects


Will you use our name and logo?


Yes, the case study will be branded with your name and approved logo, so we do implicitly require permission to use your logo as part of the case study. Additionally, your logo may be used on our website to indicate your current status as a customer.


How long will it take and what is the investment required from us?


Our aim is to do this as efficiently as possible and to minimize your time investment. Typically, it takes about an hour to complete the questions. In addition, you will need to follow internal processes to obtain permission to utilize your logo and to publish the case study, if needed.


Will we have a chance to review and approve the case study?


Yes! After we compile your information and produce the finished product, you will have a chance to review and approve or request changes prior to the case study being published.