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    Aug 29 2018

    Appium 1.9.0

    Appium 1.9.0 is a feature release, comprising multiple updates.


    • Full W3C Specification support.
    • Add full beta of Espresso driver for Android automation (used by specifying automationName capability to be"Espresso").
    • Add driver for Samsung Tizen devices
    • Add -image find element strategy
    • Fix --async-trace server argument, and rename as --long-stacktrace
    • Sample code has been moved into the main repository to aid in maintenance.
    • Fix status retrieval to speed up performance.


    • Add preliminary support for MacOS Mojave beta.
    • Add face id biometric support.
    • Fix retrieval of device time, and add optional format parameter.
    • Do not crash if there is no idevicesyslog when ending session.
    • Handle frames when page changes in Safari.
    • Add desired capabilities:
      • remoteDebugProxy - port or Unix domain socket on which a proxy for the remote debugger sits.
      • safariGarbageCollect - turn on/off JS garbage collection in Safari.
      • showSafariNetworkLog - print Safari network logs in the Appium server logs.
      • mjpegServerPort - port to which screenshots can be streamed.
    • Fix handling of settings updates, so simulators are not restarted unnecessarily.
    • Allow pulling of folder from real devices.
    • Add mobile: getContexts execute function, to retrieve meta-information (title, url, etc.) about available contexts.
    • Fix certificate retrieval and handling.
    • Fix cookie handling, to allow secure cookies.
    • Fix Safari timeout issues.
    • Add support to retrieve Safari network logs, as safariNetwork log type.


    • Get Chrome version for Webviews in Android 7+, to find correct Chromedriver.
    • Make sure UiAutomator processes are cleaned up during test.
    • Fix handling of autoWebview capability.
    • New desired capabilities:
      • mjpegScreenshotUrl - url to stream screenshots to.
      • chromedriverUseSystemExecutable - boolean flag to use the default Chromedriver installed with Appium, avoiding any attempt to find correct Chromedriver.
      • disableWindowAnimation - disable window animations on device (now available
        on UiAutomator and UiAutomator2).
      • pageLoadStrategy - page load strategy for Chromedriver.
    • Allow test-only APKs to be installed.
    • Fix implicit wait handling for finding elements.
    • Better handle Unicode IME installation.
    • Relax package validation logic.
    • Fix error in UiAutomator searches with nested quotes.
    • Perform accessibility refresh when needed on UiAutomator2.
    • Improve logic for determining if apps need upgrade.
    • Fix screen recording to allow longer recordings, up to 30 minutes.