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    Mar 23 2019

    Appium 1.12.0

    Appium 1.12.0 is a minor release.


    • Fix wrong coordination in find element by . #306#307
    • Added fixImageTemplateScale and defaultImageTemplateScale to arrange image comparison logic.


    • Add eventLoopIdleDelaySec capability. Delays the invocation of -[XCUIApplicationProcess setEventLoopHasIdled:] by the number of seconds specified with this capability. This can help quiescence apps that fail to do so for no obvious reason (and creating a session fails for that reason) #881
    • Add -r flag for video recording to make screen video recording more flexible #867`
    • Add enforceFreshSimulatorCreation capability #859
    • More helpful logging - add mjpegScalingFactor settings that change image scale of mjpeg server to stream screen #138
    • Fix useXctestrunFile capability for newer Xcode #903
    • Returns a couple of lines of xcodebuild error message if WDA xcodebuild fails. It helps to understand the cause. #888


    • Add mobile: endpoint for enabling/disabling/viewing app permissions #305
    • Fix exception caused when Appium Settings fails to provide geolocation #493
    • Stop chromedriver proxies when reset command is called #495
    • Fix pin unlock errors. Turn screen off before doing pin unlock to ensure pin unlock screen has no existing entries. #498
    • Add uninstallOtherPackages capability #289
    • Fix pattern unlock problems caused by not using relative touches #489
    • Add chromedriverArgs capability that passes chromedriver flags into sessions #519
    • Add skipLogcatCapture capability that skip capturing logcat, for possible performance enhancement.

    Android (UiAutomator2)

    • Verify file system permissions before signing files to avoid confusing signing errors #294