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    September 2020 New Test Session Explorer

    In our latest release, we unveiled our solution to “screenshot after screenshot,” and it's changing the game for any mobile testing team who cares to know exactly what failed, when, and why. No matter what kind of mobile testing that you’re running through Kobiton, our new Session Explorer allows you to pinpoint exactly when your application starts to fail.

    How it works

    Perhaps the best part about Session Explorer? It's easy. With play-pause, skip, click-and drag, and mouse-wheel navigation across the timeline, moving across your test session and drilling down into specific points of failure has never been so simple. 

    When moving across your timeline, you will also have access to your device’s system metrics and performance throughout your test session. 

    As of now, the system metrics that we make available in the Session Explorer are: 

    • RAM
    • CPU
    • Network In/Out

    Having this information allows you to better understand exactly what is going on within your devices and/or applications when running tests, and the Session Explorer UI makes that information accessible front and center.

    As always, we make sure that whatever information you find from your Kobiton test sessions is shareable and accessible to the rest of your team. When you get to that point of failure on your timeline, easily share the bug and Session Explorer details with Kobiton’s deep link capability. 

    Wrapping up

    We are really excited about what our new Session Explorer brings to your testing teams, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed this product update. For more technical information concerning how to use these new features, make sure to check out our support portal, and please do let us know what you think!