Kobiton November 2020 Platform update

Kobiton November 2020 Platform update

Our latest Kobiton platform release brings a whole lot of exciting updates to the table, including new DLM features such as soft-booking devices, the ability to use ITA for hybrid applications, updates to our new Data-Driven Testing capability, a brand new embeddable iFRAME Kobiton canvas, and much more. For more information on how these updates work to make your mobile experience better, keep on reading!

Kobiton DLM updates: following up the Session Explorer with new API’s, IDE plugins, and more

In our last release, we introduced a brand new Session Explorer, new org management features, and added OS support. We’ve kept the momentum going in this release and have added more brand new capabilities, as well as some enhancements to our already existing features like Session Explorer: 

  • API's for soft-booking and app deletion
  • A new ADB shell
  • Added support for XCUITest
  • UX improvements for Session Explorer and the Device List
  • Added support for the Google Flutter Driver

API’s that make your life easier

In this release, we’ve introduced a new soft-booking API that allows you to reserve a device for a specific amount of time so that you can ensure access to a device while also giving the rest of your team visibility into when you they will be able to access that device before/after you. For more information, please read the DLM-specific blog for this release!

ADB debugging gets even cooler with a new ADB shell

We’ve added even more ADB functionality with a brand new ADB shell for your Kobiton manual test sessions. This new shell allows you to use the Kobiton Agent to execute and run ADB commands to interact with your exact Kobiton real device during your manual session.

Case in point? We’re making the interactions between testing and dev easier. Test away and debug better with these new Kobiton ADB improvements. Check out the DLM update blog to see it in action!

Attention all iOS teams! We now support XCUITest!

We’ve added brand new support for XCUITest to the Kobiton platform. This is big news, and we are happy to welcome XCUITest to the family alongside both Appium and Espresso. 

For teams using XCUITest, you will have access to the following information through Kobiton’s next-level DLM:

  • Session overview info
  • Log file
  • Screenshots from your test in the Session Details section

Now, you can use one of the industry’s favorite UI testing frameworks for your iOS testing and reap all the benefits of doing it within Kobiton and on the Kobiton real device cloud.

Test more of you want: ITA gets added support, new assertions, and important data-driven testing updates

Since we released ITA, it has been limited to creating, scaling, and running script-less automation for native applications. While this has been a HUGE time-saver for Kobiton users (i.e. we have teams planning to use ITA to do what once took 1.5 years and do it in two weeks), we always knew that ITA would learn to support more to meet the needs of the enterprise team. 

ITA for hybrid applications

This release introduces a new and improved version of ITA that now works for hybrid applications. You should check out the ITA-specific blog to learn more about how this added support is making delivering mobile applications both faster and easier than ever before.

Data-driven testing

In our last release, we introduced a brand new Data-Driven testing engine into ITA. We built DDT so that your teams would have the ability to intelligently parameterize your tests with mock data-sets to ensure that your automated tests are providing adequate coverage.

With this release, we've made DDT better and more comprehensive with added features and capabilities: 

  • Support for date-pickers
  • New assertions

For more information around the added support for hybrid and mobile web, improved DDT, and a sneak peak into the next big thing in Visual testing (we’re building something awesome), make sure to read the ITA update blog linked below!

The new Kobiton iFrame Canvas (Beta version)

If you’re a partner or services provider interested in helping drive mobile-first value for your customers, you’ll want to make sure that you check this new feature out! We have been thinking about how to make our industry-leading test suite even more accessible, and we decided to build and iFrame canvas that takes our manual testing canvas from our portal and allows you to embed it onto your website.

When you do this, you’ll even have the option to add your own branding and color scheme to the canvas so that you can take what we offer and repurpose it as your mobile quality solution. 

Oh, and like a lot of things that we do here, this doesn’t require any complex scripting. 

If you’re interested in making this happen for your company and your customers, please do reach out to us. Also, this is a Beta version, so you’ll have ample opportunity to help co-create with us through feedback and stories around usage!

Wrapping up

We are very excited to introduce these new updates, and we hope that you've enjoyed this product update! For more technical information, make sure to check out the release notes on the support portal, and please do let us know what you think!