In this tutorial, you learn how to integrate Kobiton - Mobile Cloud platform with Azure DevOps Services. Integrating Kobiton - Mobile and Web Testing with Azure DevOps Services provides you with the following benefits: Speed up the testing cycle while increasing the quality of mobile and...

Although C++ is often incorrectly perceived as an old, outdated language, those who have spent time in the engineering realms where it is used will know that it is more akin to a uniquely advanced tool that tackles problems or constraints where few other languages...

Continuous Integration is the practice of merging in small code changes frequently - rather than merging in a large change at the end of a development cycle. The goal is to build healthier software by developing and testing in smaller increments. This is where Travis...

CircleCI Overview CircleCI - Our mission is to empower technology-driven organizations to do their best work. We want to make engineering teams more productive through intelligent automation. CircleCI provides enterprise-class support and services, with the flexibility of a startup. We work where you work: Linux, macOS, Android, and...


XebiaLabs is an independent software company specializing in DevOps and continuous delivery for large enterprise organizations. XebiaLabs offers the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform, a solution for Application Release Automation.


Kobiton integrates real-device mobile testing into your DevOps process, with support for over 350 mobile devices and the ability to connect to local on-premises devices. The Kobiton integration for XebiaLabs allows you to plan, automate, and optimize mobile device testing as part of your release pipelines. The Kobiton integration for XebiaLabs can:
  • List available devices for automated tests
  • Install applications on a device
  • Executed automated tests using Appium

Configure Kobiton on XebiaLabs

  1. In the XL Release home page, go to Settings > Shared configuration > Kobiton: Server > step 2
  2. Fill all information to identify Kobiton server
    • Enter the name of your Kobiton Server
    • Enter your Kobiton Username
    • Enter Kobiton API Key
    • Enter the URL of Kobiton API:
    • Enter the URL connect to Executor Server:
    • Click Save button
    • Click Test button to verify the connection with Kobiton server

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