Autonomous Mobile Testing - Kobiton

Get an instant health-check of your app

Test app behavior on over 350 devices and get actionable recommendations.

An instant "health-check" for your app.

Get actionable recommendations to address issues in your mobile app or website without requiring complex test script development.


Because preventing is better than reacting.

Autonomous Mobile Testing

Automatically discover why users are abandoning your app

Preventing is better than Reacting

When it comes to mobile, you need to ensure your app runs as expected on every device. Catch issues before your users do.

Clicking is better than scripting

Kobiton delivers true automated testing with no coding required. Simply navigate your app as a user would and automatically capture reusable test scripts.

Real devices are better than emulators

When it comes to mobile, you need to ensure your app runs as expected on every device. Catch issues before your users do.

Your app automatically tested on 350 devices

Get instant crash reports, UI issues and more!

Actionable Recommendations

Our platform will test your app on over 350 real devices and tell you things such as...

"Did you know your app has rendering issues on the Samsung S9 on Android 7.1.2?"

UI issues is the number one reason users abandon your app. Let Kobiton automatically check your user interface and how it renders on over 350 real device and operating system combinations.

"Did you know your app is causing excessive battery drainage on the MotoX?"

Performance testing is integral to app adoption. Unfortunately emulators will never deliver real-world performance testing results, which is why Kobiton will automatically let you know what performance issues you have on real devices.

"Did you know your app is crashing on the iPhone 6 on iOS 10.3?"

Applications can suffer from severe functional defects depending on the platform they’re running on. Only Kobiton will execute functional tests on real-devices and let you know on which devices failures are occurring.

Try it out for free and see what issues we find.

Packed with the good stuff

Everything you need to stop app abandonment for good

100% Real Devices

Automatically tests your app on up to 350 real devices. Emulators do not emulate the real-world. Experience your app just as your users do.

UI Rendering Issues

Building truly responsive sites and apps is hard. Catching rendering issues on various device and OS issues is done automatically.

Automatic Script Recording

Simply navigate your app as a user would. Kobiton records the keystrokes and gestures and automatically creates test scripts.

System Issues Reporting

Understand real-device metrics and the impact on your app, including battery performance, network latency and more.

Actionable Recommendations

Random metrics are useless. Receive actionable recommendations that allow you to take concrete steps to address app issues.

Functional Defect Reporting

Go beyond UI issues. Find unanticipated functional defects on devices you don’t currently test on.

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