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Functional, Visual and Performance testing on real devices, in the cloud or on-premises. Give your mobile app a shot of awesome!

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We need to test on real devices because our app quality is suffering.

We need to enable remote device access for our globally distributed testing teams.

We need to start automated testing but mobile test automation is too complicated and takes too long.

We need to do continuous testing on mobile as part of our DevOps pipeline.

As a mobile-first organization, we need to deliver a consistent user experience to all our users.

We need to accelerate our app release timelines without sacrificing quality…

Developers, Testers,'re going to love this



Catch cross-platform issues before checking in your code and test on real devices directly within your IDE! Drive code quality and avoid errors which “should have been caught”.



Enjoy the most comprehensive real device testing platform on the market, with support for manual testing, automated testing, and the industry’s first and only scriptless automation solution to deliver releases 10x faster!



With Kobiton’s mobile device testing tools, resolve test failures with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency. Zoom in to your test failure instantly with Session Explorer, instead of sifting through hours and hours of log files and videos.



Integrate continuous testing into your DevOps CI/CD processes and release at the speed of mobile. Run regression tests, monitor key performance metrics and release quicker!

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No emulators. Ever.

Real-device Testing

With Kobiton’s mobile app testing tool, test on the real devices you want, when you need them. Get the most accurate results by testing mobile and web applications on the latest devices – iOS and Android app testing included. Go beyond emulators to get the most insight into the real user experience.

Connect all your devices

Device Lab Management

Create the perfect mobile testing cloud with Kobiton’s device lab management software. Our mobile testing lab platform allows you to connect your local on-premises devices – and even “on-desk” devices – to your own private cloud. Supplement your devices with any of our hundreds of devices to create a true hybrid cloud mobile testing platform

Test Automation made easy.

Scriptless Automation

Make the move to mobile test automation with the first and only mobile scriptless test automation platform. Easily create automated test scripts directly from your manual test sessions and execute them on hundreds of devices simultaneously. Of course, if you prefer scripting you’ll enjoy full support for Appium, Selenium, XCUI, Espresso…


Mobile app automation testing isn’t the future – it’s the now. Make the switch to Kobiton today.

Effortless device access for remote, global testing teams

Enjoy unparalleled freedom to deploy the perfect mobile device testing cloud. Connect your local on-premises devices – and even “on-desk” devices – along with any of our hundreds of devices to create a true hybrid cloud mobile testing platform.


Instant access to hundreds of real-devices in our public cloud


Exclusive devices hosted for you means the utmost in privacy and availability


Connect devices you already own for centralized administration and global access

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