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Public CloudFor individuals or small teams, purchasing and maintaining a pool of real devices can be too expensive.

The Kobiton Public Cloud gives you instant, affordable access to hundreds of the latest Android and iOS devices. You can run manual or automated tests at your own schedule. Use the device you want, when you need it, and only pay for the minutes you use.

Local CloudFor larger teams with existing mobile devices, managing and sharing them can be time consuming and inefficient.

With Kobiton's Device Lab Management feature, you can quickly connect all your devices to create a Local Cloud. Your team members can access and share these devices from any location. Their test records and logs are centrally available and can be viewed online, downloaded or transferred to other SDLC tools using the API.

Hybrid CloudFor many teams, the perfect mobile lab is a mix of internal and external devices.

Kobiton allows you to create a Hybrid Cloud that provides seamless access to both the Local Cloud and the Public Cloud. Your team can collaborate and work more effectively on one single platform.

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"With an abundance of floating hardware split amongst various business units, we needed a way to centralize devices in order to reduce bottlenecks and increase productivity. Kobiton did just that, making us more efficient and allowing us to build a better product for our users"

Brian Baumgartner
Quality Assurance Manager

"I picked Kobiton over the competition because of their excellent performance, quality UI, and extremely responsive customer support. Kobiton listens to its customers and does a great job of giving us an affordable way to test on real devices without sacrificing any of the performance and features we need."

Alexey Doroshko
Testing Manager

"Kobiton is an innovative solution that offers flexibility to meet a variety of our clients’ needs. It allows businesses to more effectively manage their mobile labs, decreasing the cost and time required to maintain their internal devices."

Adam Bookman
Co-Founder of Propelics

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